Saturday, December 3, 2011

Exciting week

Exciting week here - have been working with a team from International Medical Assoc. who came to do MDA (Mass Drug Administration) for the Filiaisis parasite which causes elephantitis and also for worms - a big problem for the children here. Taking this treatment also decreases malaria by about 50%. We have done MDA for about 300 people every day while 3 docs and 2 NPs ran a general medical clinic with meds also provided. An amazing process. It was good to be out in the villages again though the poverty there is even worse than here near the hospital, children who are malnourished and clothed in rags.

The other event this week was that Natalie and I were robbed. Someone must have had a key as there was no break in. They found and stole all our carefully hidden money and almost worse - our weeks supply of cadbury chocolate. But the good news is that they left our credit cards, passports and computer, so it could have been alot worse. Our doors are now thoroughly padlocked at all times and I put a sign on the refrigerator asking "please do not steal our chocolate". Think it will work? Oh yes and Nat now sleeps with the large stick we use to make ugali.

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