Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Final chapter

Hello all
Shortly after my last post I returned to the states due to health issues. I have been home for almost 2 mos and am just beginning to feel well again. I am sorry to say I will not be returning to Kakamega Kenya. I feel badly that I was not able to fulfil my commitment to CMMB, the people of Mukumu and to all the people who supported me in my mission. I am grateful for my time in Kenya. I have learned that aid work is a whole lot more complex and multifaceted than I ever realized; and personally I have grown in ways I could not have forseen. I am grateful to the wonderful people of Mukumu, their kindness and spirit will remain a part of me forever; and I am grateful for the kind and generous people here in the states who were so supportive of my efforts. Thank you all.

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