Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Moses

I have been here in western Kenya for a month now. Internet access limited.  I have spent time in maternity as well as teaching. I am in love with a very small baby named Moses. He was found in a pit latrine covered in feces and maggots at 1 day old. The priest named him Moses because he was drawn forth out of the latrine, as Moses was from the river. He is 2mos old now, still small and skinny but gaining. He lives in the maternity ward and is dearly loved by all the student nurses. The maternity building is close to my house so it is easy to stop by for a Moses snuggle. Unfortunately at 9 months he will go to an orphanage. The nun I work with has suggested I take him home to the US with me. Hmmmm.


  1. I love the nuns suggestion too!!!!!!! I'll help you raise him!

  2. I need to have a cousin named Moses. He is SO beautiful!!