Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week one

Arrived at St Elizabeth Mukumu in Western Kenya a week ago. It has been an amazing week - full of warm welcomes by all here and shock at the poverty of the people. The hospital has well educated, creative, dedicated staff but so few resources. Two O2 tanks in whole hospital, wooden incubators which don't work, intermittent water and electricity. My house is quite comfortable and I think I've figured out when the water will be on. There is a resident rat whom I have named "Blackie." I try not to mind him because my neighbor says a house with rats means there are no snakes in the house. Clearly a good thing. I have a self appointed gaurdian angel, who, along with her side kick Sister Teresa, take good care of me. They are correcting my Kiswahili and teaching me to make Ugali.
 The view from my front porch
Home sweet home!

Will try to be regular in my posts but internet access is sketchy.
Habari leo

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